The Gray Wall Design Studio is a full-service architectural and design services company that has expanded over the last 4 years. The studio is dedicated to innovative, thoughtful design that draws inspiration from architectural history, local context, and learned building culture.

Md Asif, born in India in 1996, grew up under the influence of the aviation industry. He studied architecture at JNAFAU of Masabtank, Telangana, India from 2014 to 2019. Asif started by providing architectural consultancy services, which evolved into independent project designs. He is now based in Hyderabad, working on residential and commercial projects across India.

The philosophy of Md Asif architecture involves adapting design methods to each architectural task. Each project is approached uniquely, guided by a logical and comprehensive design narrative. The studio aims for efficiency and strong expressions in the built environment. Md Asif’s designs combine tropical modernism and industrial architecture, using locally available natural materials that respond to the site’s natural setting.

Tectonics is central to Md Asif projects, elevating construction to an art form. The studio explores structure and form, aiming to extend its tropical-tectonic language. This exploration enhances the experience of the landscape through architectonic design, pushing the boundaries of design and construction.

The studio works on various types of projects, including:

– Interior Design Projects

– Design Projects

– Elevation Projects

– Mosque Projects

– Landscape Projects

The studio offers the following services:

– Architecture Design

– Interior Design

– Landscaping

You can contact us through our website or by reaching out to our office in Hyderabad. Visit our website for more details on contacting us and exploring our portfolio.

Absolutely. While the studio is based in Hyderabad, it works on projects throughout India. Our team is equipped to handle residential and commercial projects across different regions.

Our interior design approach combines creativity and functionality. We strive to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing while also meeting the practical needs of our clients. Our designs reflect the same dedication to innovation and thoughtful design as our architectural projects.

At The Gray Wall Design Studio, our unique approach lies in our fusion of tropical modernism and industrial architecture. We focus on tectonic exploration and pushing design boundaries, all while responding to the natural context of the site. Our commitment to innovation, context, and the client’s vision sets us apart in the architectural and design industry.